Let's start with why...
Did you know that more than 200.000 European citizens die from drug side-effects every year? We develop a real-time monitoring system for drugs in the open market so that therapies become more secure, personalized, and efficient. We are a young, dynamic team who cares as much about solving a huge problem for society as about having fun at work each and every day.

...and here's how we do it.
Our ambitious vision is to build the world's leading operating system for patient safety. Through our online platform www.nebenwirkungen.de and our partner ecosystem, patients can report drug side-effects and enter into real-time data exchange with doctors, pharmacists, and drug companies. This way, we provide real value to our healthcare system and society - which is why our award-winning project is backed by the German government, the European Union, as well as be numerous patient organizations and health insurances. You can't wait to rethink our healthcare system around each and every one of us, the individual patients? Apply now!

Please note: if your preferred job is not available below, please write us to jobs@medikura.com - we might have a position for you nonetheless.

  • Have fun at our regular team events

  • Flexibility in terms of working hours and home office

  • True Purpose: we solve an important problem for society

  • Grow not only your skills but also your personality

  • Truly balanced team (about 50% female, 50% male)



  • Arsalan Javed

    Product Design

    “ Working at MEDIKURA allows you to explore the Munich startup culture. I can shape revolutionary healthcare products, do work that makes an impact and learn and grow with an interdisciplinary team of talented individuals. ”

  • Pauline Hohl


    “ I am happy I can contribute with my everyday work to the goal of improving people's lives. The passionate, young team and its atmosphere makes our office a fun place to work! ”

  • Thomas Gan

    Medical Analysis

    “ Working at MEDIKURA with such a talented and interdisciplinary team is just wonderful. Here, I can use my medical knowledge to create innovative solutions for our healthcare system. We make life easier for patients and healthcare professionals. ”